Jasmine Pearls

Bluffton Tea Company

$ 6.25

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Jasmine Pearls

Tiny hand-rolled pearls that come alive with intense jasmine flavor, as they unfurl in the cup. The leaves do blossom so it has that aesthetic appeal.  Early-picked green tea leaves are carefully rolled into small pearls with a white downy striping. Once rolled, the pearls wait until the jasmine flowers are harvested later in the summer. For a high-grade pearl such as ours, the flower petals are introduced and then removed after imparting their fragrance, a process that may be repeated up to seven times.  A rare tea for the true tea enthusiast!

Ingredients: Jasmine tea*
* denotes Organic

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp. for 8 oz. water for 2 - 3 minutes with water under boiling point (194F). 

Contains Caffeine

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