Hairy Crab - Moa Xie, a lo-oxidized, green oolong, fruity & sweet

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Hairy Crab - Moa Xie, variental of An Xi Region, lo-oxidized, green oolong, fruity & sweet

Wonderful green-style oolong is named for the fine "hairs" on the backside of the leaves. It is a highly aromatic and floral tea grown only in the AnXi Region. Ours is a spring lot, traditionally processed and lightly oxidized from the province of Guangdong. The leaves are rolled.

Ingredients: Green Oolong Tea.

Brewing Instructions, serve Hot or Cold.
Hot Tea: 1 slightly heaping teaspoons of loose tea for each 8 oz of boiling water (194 degrees or warmer), steep 3- 5 minutes. Milk & sugar not recommended.

 Contains Caffeine

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