Herbal Teas and Tisanes

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Our Herbal & Fruit Teas and Tisanes are blends of black and green teas combined  or stand alone fruits, herbs and flowers.  We have several all organic and non-caffeinated options high anti-oxidants.

Some of our more popular herbs used in Bluffton Tea's Blends.

Ginger:  anti-inflammatory, eases motion sickness, great flavor booster.

Peppermint: decongestant, anti-inflammatory, helps suppress appetite

Chamomile: helps with sleep and soothing to the stomach, anti-bacterial

Hibiscus: Refreshing, helps with blood pressure, diurectic

Dandelion: Stimulates digestion, lessens hot flashes

Cinnamon: lowers cholesterol, fights viruses


Burdock Root: contains polyacetylenes, antifungal and antibiotic qualities that help fight acne-causing bacteria and fungi that infect cracked skin. Its diuretic action aids in eliminating impurities through the digestive system, rather than the skin where toxins can cause infections.