DECAF Sara Kate's Tea Party, Decaf Black Tea, Peach & Apricot

Bluffton Tea Company

$ 5.50

Decaf Sara Kate's Tea Party, Decaf Black Tea Peach & Apricot 

Remember the your childhood tea parties with play dishes, complete with your dolls, teddy bears and maybe you wore one of your mother's floppy hats ....

This is a more grown up version.  Sara Kate's Tea Party blend's decaf black tea combined with dried fruit, flower petals is smooth in flavor but complex at the same time.  Invite your friends (young and old) over for an afternoon tea party.

Ingredients:  Decaf Black tea, Peach & Apricot & Papaya pieces, Blackberry leaves, Calendula & Sunflower petals, and Natural flavors. 

Brewing Instructions, serve Hot or Iced.
Hot Tea: 1 slightly heaping teaspoons of loose tea for each 8 oz of boiling water, steep 3 - 5 minutes. 
Iced Tea: (1L/QT) 6 slightly heaping teaspoon loose tea, pour 1 1/4 cup boiling water, steep 5 minutes.  Quarter fill a pitcher with cold water.  Strain tea through ice, top off pitcher, add additional ice.  Garnish with fresh sliced peaches & sweeten to taste. 


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