From the new owner of Bluffton Tea Company

I am delighted to become the new owner of the Bluffton Tea Company! A little over a year ago I met Lisa Kling, a certified tea specialist, and the developer of the company. She specialized in blending the world’s very best teas and ingredients into taste preferences specific to the Lowcountry. I was thrilled that she also supported local artists, who created one-of-a-kind art for many of her labels. After tasting her teas, I was hooked and became her #1 fan and follower!  Being a tea lover myself, and having studied the health benefits of tea and herbal tisanes for years, we connected immediately. I was always buying her newest blends for myself as well as for gifts. So, when Lisa relocated and decided to sell her business, she presented me with this opportunity, and I couldn’t be happier to accept!

I LOVE TEA! I mean I REALLY love it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop talking about it. And I’ll NEVER stop drinking it! Why do I love tea? Let me count the ways…

Tea tastes amazing; it refreshes my soul. There are countless health benefits attributed to various types of tea. But most importantly, a pot of tea makes for a marvelous time of connecting and making memories with friends and loved ones.

Me and tea go way back. Some of my first and favorite childhood memories involved dressing up and having tea parties under a forsythia bush, in full bloom, in our yard with my little playmates. We’d spend hours playing, and drinking pretend tea out of little pink plastic tea cups. My mother, aunt, and grandma, served “real” tea in fancy porcelain tea cups with fresh baked goodies. Later, my friends and I would linger over tea sharing the ups and downs of our lives. We liked to think we were solving a lot of the world’s problems. It was a regular occasion to have tea parties while my children were growing up. Here, they could share their concerns or triumphs of the day, and we could just be “present” in one another’s company.  How wonderful it is to carry this tradition on with my grandchildren now too!  When I started holding in-home tea parties for groups of ladies, it was a new level of joy. To encounter friends connecting, smiling, laughing, and spending valuable time together fills my heart. Sharing tea with those you care about is truly a precious time of blessing. This, in my view, is something the world could use much more of! 

My wish is that you will pull out your fancy tea cups and share some of our blends with your friends and loved ones.  Make some memories of your own and be blessed!  

This week we've been enjoying Sara Kate's Tea Party, Savannah Blend, Apple Mango & Orange, and Watermelon Oolong-  iced & sweetened with strawberries...I can tell you this- it's been a very good week!





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Celebrate the upcoming New Year with Bluffton Tea's Half Yearly Sale EXTENDED, save 50%  until 16 JANUARY 2017.  Use Code: Winter50 @ Check-out.  

Stock-up and save!   Think about a warming cup of black tea watching the snowflakes and football playoffs in January.  Or consider your detoxing needs after the holiday over-indulgences, wearing that skimpy bikini over spring break and the helpful benefits provided by our green and wellness teas.   

Order early, when some of our winter blends are sold out; they won't be back until next winter. 

Wishing you all the Best in 2017,

Lisa Kling

Bluffton Tea's Polar Bear Cyber-Monday Discount

Bluffton Tea Polar Bear Cyber Monday

Bluffton Tea is celebrating CyberMonday with discount a offering a 30% discount on your favorite teas, accessories and fabulous hostess gifts.  Use CODE BF2016 at check-out.  

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Get your shop on!  We are celebrating Black Friday & CyberMonday discount a little early and offering a 30% discount on your favorite teas, accessories and fabulous hostess gifts.  Use CODE BF2016 at check-out.  

And as a sweetener, we are offering free shipping on orders $75.00 or more as tallied after the discount.  Offer valid through 29NOV2016.  Discount cannot be combined with other offers.


We Are Thankful


We are thankful for many things this Autumn; family, friends, surviving Hurricane Matthew with minimal damage, pretty Autumn weather, being able to relax and enjoy a great cup of Bluffton Tea and that the never ending election is in the rear view mirror.

Bluffton Tea would like share our thanks with you by offering a pre-Thanksgivin 25% dscount on our Autumn Blends.  Use CODE Turkey25 during check-out.  

Play it forward and share some thanks and Bluffton Tea with your family and friends.Wishing all the best this Turkey Season!


Pumpkin Spice: The Flavor That Schools The Autumn Season

Pumpkin Spice: The Flavor That Schools The Autumn Season.                                        

Though some food insiders insist the ubiquitous pumpkin spice trend has peaked, this favorite autumn flavor still has legs. Don't count on its demise anytime soon.

The days are getting shorter.  Leaves are turning colors.  There's a chill in the air. You break out your fall sweaters, jackets and boots.  Your weekend consists of football, football, football; peewee, high school, college, NFL and visits to the local farmers' market for apples, pumpkins and squash.  Your drink of choice - something pumpkin spice flavored.  

Bluffton Tea offers version: Herbal Pumpkin Spice Tea, a non-caffeinated organic tea with ingredients of rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, licorice root, nutmeg, cloves, allspice & natural flavors.  



Curious as to where to find and buy Bluffton Tea?

We are often asked, where is your store?  We don’t have a bricks and mortar store.  However, Bluffton Tea is carried in some retail locations including Old Town Bluffton: Eggs’n’tricities and Lynda’s on Calhoun, in Downtown Beaufort in Atmosphere @ 917B Bay Street.  We are growing this segment of the business.  

You can find us at the Bluffton Farmers Market on Thursdays in Old Town Bluffton and at the Sea Pines Plantation Market on Hilton Head Island on Tuesdays and various Holiday Markets.  We are looking forward to the Junior League of Chicago’s Gazebo Holiday Market 11/12 NOV.

Of course, one of the best places to buy is online via our website  

Let's Celebrate Back to School with 25% Discount on our Fall Blends


Let's celebrate Back to School and the return of Autumn fun!

Regardless if you are a parent sending your kids back to school or a student hitting the books after a summer of leisure, don't you deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing cup of tea and serenity?  Stock up and save!

Use Code Fall25 @ Check-out and save 25% on our various tea blends. Discount will appear in shopping cart.  Discount is not applicable on tea party accessories.  

Discount valid on our various Tea Blends until 01 September 2016.  


Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

Celebrate the last few hours of 10th of June's National Iced Tea Day with a 20% discount use code NationalIcedTeaDay upon check-out @ Enjoy!

Let's talk Hibiscus Tea

Bluffton Tea’s Hibiscus Blend, serve iced as the perfect solution for a summer afternoon or evening beverage, it’s refreshing, visually appealing with no caffeine.

Yesterday was Market Day at the Bluffton Farmers Market and we demo’ed one of our favorite iced teas:  Hibiscus with mashed strawberries, all herbal (flower pieces), so no caffeine, yields a delightful refreshing beverage with an amazing crimson red color.  It’s natural cranberry reminiscent taste combined with strawberries is simple delightful.

And our Customers reactions - their faces light up with a smile and request we post the directions on line, so here we go.

Hibiscus tea is what is often called an "herbal tea". It is produced from the calyx of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. It is not a true tea, but a tisane, however the beverage is referred to popularly as hibiscus tea. True teas come from the plant Camellia sinensis.  The flavonoids in the calcyx, in particular delphinidin and cyanidin, are what gives the flower and the tea its crimson color. It has a semi sweet flavor that resembles the cranberry.

Bluffton Tea’s Hibiscus Blend:

Standard measurement: Approximately 1 heaping teaspoon Bluffton Tea’s Hibiscus Herbal Blend per 8 OZ boiling water, or 4 - 5 heaping teaspoons per quart or liter.  If planning on making pitchers of hibiscus tea, we recommend buying our 2 OZ package of Bluffton tea Hibiscus.  For an elegant presentation, we recommend serving with a spring of mint or basil in a tall glass.

Serve Hot or Iced:

Hot tea brewing method: Bring filtered or freshly drawn cold water to a boil. 
Place 1 teaspoon of herbal tea for each 7-9oz of fluid volume in the teapot. Pour the 
boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 5-10 minutes according to taste 
(the longer the steeping time, the better the flavor as more fruit and herb flavor is extracted)


Iced tea brewing method sweetened with strawberries: 2 options in adding the strawberries (1) without sugar and (2) with a sugar using a strawberry simple syrup - your choice and you control  the sweetness.

Method 1 - No sugar, just strawberries:
Measure 4 - 5 heaping teaspoons of hibiscus petals , pour 1 1/4 cup boiling water, steep 5 - 7 minutes. Add mashed frozen fresh strawberries, refrigerate for an hour if possible.   Quarter fill a pitcher with cold water.  Strain tea through ice, top off pitcher, add additional ice. 
Method 2 - With sugar, making a strawberry simple syrup.
Measure 4 - 5 heaping teaspoons of hibiscus petals , pour 1 1/4 cup boiling water, steep 5 - 7 minutes. Add strawberry simple syrup to your taste (recipe below).   Quarter fill a pitcher with cold water.  Strain tea through ice, top off pitcher, add additional ice.
Directions for Bluffton Tea’s Strawberry Simple Syrup:
-1 Cup mashed Strawberries, fresh or frozen
-2 Cups Organic Sugar
-1 Cup Water.
Blend Strawberries & Sugar. Boil the water, add the sugar mixture, boil, stirring constantly, remove from heat.  Refrigerate in an air tight container for up to one week.


We regularly read and hear about the health benefits of different herbs including Hibiscus.  We viewed them all with a certain amount of skepticism.  We aren’t doctors and don’t pretend to be, but will report on studies or cautions.  We’ve found the benefits below as some of the purported health benefits of Hibiscus including: 

- Reducing Blood Pressure: Tufts University’s Research Center on Aging conducted a study regarding the possible effect that hibiscus tea might have on blood pressure.  The result was a significant lowering of blood pressure in both the systolic and diastolic measurements for people given the hibiscus tea. 

- Cholesteral reduction: Studies from 2009, 2010 and 2011 have mixed results, so this is not definitive.

Hibiscus tea has a high concentration of organic acids. The three organic acids that have been identified are citric, malic, and tartaric. These have been known to give an overall boost to the immune system.

And Hibiscus Tea consumption words of caution: 

Hibiscus, despite its wide variety of positive uses and characteristics, should be avoided by pregnant women. It is classified as an emmenagogue, or stimulant for menstruation. It causes a drop in progesterone levels, which are most important in the first stages of pregnancy. Drinking hibiscus tea during this time can result in a miscarriage. Women who are trying to conceive should also not consume hibiscus. It can interfere with the implantation process.

Finally, due to the fact that hibiscus has the ability to lower blood pressure, people who have hypotension - excessively low blood pressure, should not consume hibiscus.